I love colour, curvy lines, symmetry, geometry and shiny gold details! I am especially inspired by the mehndi, textile and block print arts of India. My illustrations have been featured in print and online projects all over the world, including tea tins for Deepak Chopra, DVD cases for Ravi Shankar and Yehudi Menuhin, magazine illustrations and book covers for Shambhala Publications, as well as restaurant menus, wedding invitations, logos and posters for yoga studios, musicians, organic farmers and other micro-businesses. They are available for purchase through istockphoto, stockfresh and etsy.

My passion for graphic design and layout began when I was quite young — in the days of waxers, light tables and typesetting machines, when columns of text were cut out by hand using a knife, and lined up by eye on graph paper. Since then I have fallen in love with the ease and elegance of design software — InDesign and Illustrator are my favourites! For nearly fifteen years I have happily offered my services as a freelance graphic designer working with large and small businesses, artists, and institutions, both close to home and internationally. I have designed logos, brochures, newsletters, product packaging, post cards, business cards, meditation cards, web graphics, trail maps, outdoor banners, CD and DVD art, jewellery templates, stencils, and much more!

A fairly recent art project is *spark and blossom* — an Indian-textile inspired collection of mini art prints and greeting cards which I design, carve and block print by hand on lovely eco-friendly paper (from Sri Lanka) using vibrant, non-toxic inks.

I am often teased about being solar powered, because I’m juiciest when the sun is shining! I agree, but I’m also powered by music! In 2012, my love of Turkish, Macedonian and Romani music and dance led to the creation of ORO! Orkestra — a Turko-Balkan folk dance party band.

More recently, I have joined the wonderful musicians Sahara Nasr and Ken Shorley in a world folk fusion ensemble called blue lotus trio where we perform original songs inspired by Indian music, Sufi poetry, Turkish rhythms and the direct language of the love song.

I am also a member of Mindful Flower Gamelan, a beautiful set of Indonesian percussion instruments currently in residence at Acadia University. And I facilitate kirtan (singing/chanting) nights for my *heart wide open* project.

Over the years, I have written (and published) articles, novels, a collection of short stories, a few isolated bits of poetry and lots of brave (or foolish) love letters — some mailed, some not!

*nothing is black and white* is a little writing project combined with black ink drawings. The writing comes from my heart, and the illustrations are created out of meditation using a single unbroken line. I am deeply enjoying the simplicity of pen on paper after more than a decade of detailed digital creations.

In the spring of 2016, I launched a project called *heart wide open* — which currently includes — weekly practice, monthly kirtan evenings, conversation circles, a heart-ful writing group, and mindful walks/camping trips. The intention of *heart wide open* is to cultivate compassion, connection, insight and transformation — within ourselves, with each other and within our communities.

For me, photography is a meditative and contemplative practice. I am especially drawn to texture and tiny details, although sometimes I zoom out and see a larger picture! To see more, visit instagram.