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Hello friends,

An many of your know, my long-time partner and I are parting ways. I would very much like to stay in this community and, if possible, keep the wee house and studio which so deeply fill my heart with happiness and inspire my creative work. Unfortunately, for the past few years, a serious arm injury (which is now *finally* getting better) has prevented me from being able to work at my main income generator (graphic design/illustration), and has left me in a less-than-ideal financial situation… I’m still working on securing a mortgage, but as a self-employed artist / social activist / community development type with an income last year lower then when I was eighteen, and living expenses that are now more than double, I know it’s going to be a challenge…

And so I’m asking for help as I move through this difficult transition.

I’m hoping to raise at least $15,000 (in graphic design services, art sales and *heart wide open* event registrations) to help me secure the house, and stay warm through the coming winter…





What am I offering?

Come to my studio sale on December 16th (10am – 4pm), and buy some:

  • hand block printed greeting cards or art prints
  • clothes, books, art or strange little thingies that have been hiding in my closets!
  • *heart wide open* gift certificates for winter/spring programs
  • handmade paper prayer flags


  • hire me for graphic design work (posters, business cards, logos, web graphics, invitations, book design etc)
  • hire me to share a *heart wide open* workshop or two with your friends, organization or business (*hwo* TO GO)
  • pre-register for a *heart wide open* workshop or course
  • buy some digital designs for a project (Kalyani Designs on


  • contribute online (see below for details of special packages of gifts/goods/services!)




I have made a lovely assortment of hand printed greeting cards and art prints, both framed and unframed, all printed on yummy hand made paper. There are some little manta cards and mantra scrolls too! Prices range from $5 – $50. Some of the designs are also available online! (Heidi’s block prints on



In the past few weeks I have been cleaning out closets and crawl spaces and have uncovered all kinds of minor treasures looking for new homes!


*heart wide open* GIFT CERTIFICATES

Share the energy of *heart wide open* with friends! I am now offering gift certificates in booklets of $50 (5 x $10) and $100 (11 x $10), which can be used for any *heart wide open* program. To redeem them, simply leave one (or more!) in the contribution bowl. Give them as gifts, or purchase them for yourself! (The intention of *heart wide open* is to cultivate, share and practice tools that help us create and live the lives we want!)



During this transition, I have been pouring my heart into making prayer flags out of all kinds of recycled and handmade materials… I have lots of sizes, colours and designs!




If you need help designing a logo, business card, poster, print ad, invitation, product label, family cookbook, annual report etc, let me know! My design rate hasn’t changed in years (still $50/hr), and my arm is holding out pretty well! Email me!



I can bring any of my *heart wide open* offerings to you — for yourself (think celebratory party!), or your business/organization (think team building or deepening). I offer sessions that embody transformative practices such as mindfulness, community music-making, guided conversation, sitting in silence, and taking heartful action. No group is too big or small! Email me!

If you are looking for a pre-arranged workshop, there are several coming up! Meditative Hand Drumming (Dec 8th), Intentions for the New Year (Jan 13th), and Intro to Mindfulness (Jan 8th- 29th).
For more info, visit our FB page, or you can pre-register below!



I offer some of my illustrations for sale through They are all digital downloads that are ready to print, and include art prints, posters, scrapbook papers, mini-box designs and more. (Kalyani Designs on



(available until Jan 1st)




raised of a $15,000.00 goal

Choose An Amount
A hug from Heidi and a set handmade of prayer flags.
A set handmade of prayer flags, a collection of mandala colouring pages and two 5"x7" unframed art prints.
An all day workshop on setting intentions for the New Year, and creating personal "intention flags" to serve as a celebration and reminder throughout the year! The morning session will include contemplation, journalling, solo and small group exercises, and conversation. After a pot-luck lunch, we will gather to create our paper or fabric flags together! We will have lots of art supplies on hand, but you are welcome to bring favourite markers, pens, paper, rubber stamps and bits of colourful things! Please bring a vegetarian potluck item to share. Saturday January 13th from 10 - 3pm, near Wolfville (exact location TBA).
A set handmade of prayer flags, a collection of mandala colouring pages, 2 mini art prints in black frames, and five hand-printed greeting cards.
A four-week Intro to Mindfulness course. This *heart wide open* offering is designed to help us bring mindfulness into our everyday lives. Mindfulness is a way of living that cultivates openness, curiosity and attentiveness. It’s about slowing down and being present with each moment — creating space to connect deeply and meaningfully with ourselves, with others and with all aspects of our lives. These introductory sessions include exercises, conversation, contemplation, and resources. Four Monday evenings: January 8th - 29th from 7-9pm at Heidi's Studio near Wolfville.
Five hand-printed greeting cards, five $10 gift certificates for *heart wide open* events (or five handmade art prints), three 4"x4" art prints.
A selection of twenty-five digital files from my illustration collection (colourful scrapbook papers, box designs, book marks and art prints). They print beautifully on a colour laser (at home or at the print shop) and can be used for all kinds of creative projects! Many are 8"x10" and ready to frame!
Ten $10 gift certificates for *hear wide open* events, one framed 5"x"7 art print, 1 mini art print in a black frame, 3 hand-printed greeting cards.
A 2-hour Kirtan (meditative chanting/singing) or hand drumming session for your friends or organization. Great for team building or a celebratory party!
A logo design for your business or project (or other equivalent design work such as posters or business cards, letterhead etc).
Twenty-five $10 gift certificates for *heart wide open* events, ten hand-printed greeting cards, five unframed 5"x7" art prints, two framed 5"x7" art prints, a set handmade of prayer flags, a collection of mandala colouring pages, a huge hug and a jar of Heidi’s coconut chocolate truffles!
Custom-designed one-day *heart wide open* workshop for your friends, group or business. Must be within 125 km of Wolfville, NS. We offer sessions that embody transformative practices such as mindfulness, community music-making, guided conversation, sitting in silence, and taking heartful action. No group is too big or small! (For ideas, check out our current offerings:
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