about me


I’m Heidi Kalyani.

Currently, I’m on fire! And my flames inhabit many worlds! Self-taught and self-expressing, I have been creating for as long as I can remember — in whatever way inspires me in the moment. In all manifestations of my life, I value connection, compassion, courage, beauty, depth and transformation!

I am an artist, musician, facilitator, guide, workshop and event designer, yogi, meditator and seeker of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

I’m passionate about creating spaces and practices where we can hear our own hearts. Where we feel supported in being the people we want to be, and living the lives we want to live. I began experimenting with *heartful containers* and daily practices when I was very young, and have been collecting, designing and refining them ever since. Over the years I have guided creative writing groups, dance collectives, drumming circles, gamelan ensembles, kirtans (yogic chanting), meditation groups, contemplative and sonic atmospheres for yoga classes, as well as many empowering and transformative workshops.

I am happiest when I am visioning and dreaming, creating, hiking, stretching (my body or mind), sitting cross-legged in silence or with an instrument in my arms, drinking tea, sitting near a gurgling stream, or sorting my heart out in words (spoken or written). I also enjoy solitude, travelling, Indian-art inspired design and illustration, cooking and sharing food with friends.

I live in a small house (with lots of sunlight!) in rural Nova Scotia.


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