in the moment

Every few hours I have a thought, read an article, see a beautiful image that I want to share with you… But when we’re together, I melt into the moment and forget all the things I’ve stored up ― and only remember them when I’m alone again with an open book on my lap, watching the trees sway in the wind, or the flames flicker in the fireplace. Perhaps if I write the words on my body, hide the images in my hair, tuck little folded printouts into every pocket, you’ll discover them next time we laugh and talk and listen, revealing all the things I wanted to share. And perhaps, if I look carefully, I’ll find a week’s worth of stories nestled into the curves and corners of your body too…

— heidi kalyani, 2017 
from the *nothing is black and white* project: illustration created out of meditation with a single unbroken line